About us


Olimp Bulgaria Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, which is the official and exclusive representative for the Balkans of the manufacturing company Olimp, which is a world leader in security seals of the highest quality. We are pleased to introduce our products, namely devices for sealing. Our company is constantly innovating and offering comprehensive solutions to combat potential fraud, theft or breach of control and security.

We produce products that really cannot be falsified or unlawfully used and reused. In their protection from opening without visible traces, our seals are unique!

This policy makes us the market leader in Western Europe and gives us opportunity to earn the trust of our biggest clients for more than 20 years.

We offer seal models, some of which are intellectual property of the Company and are protected by patent. Where seals are used such as Super Scut, Inner Force, Garda-N and Olilock there is 100% Guarantee to control unauthorized access.

The product quality and production of seals that cannot be opened without a trace are the Company priority!

Another our priority is expanding range of sealing devices. From simple indicator seals to complex power seals like Titan that withstand more than 1800 kg. having ISO17 certificate.

We are always ready to implement ideas in creating new products together with our customers. We are open to dialogue with our clients and partners for joint projects, we strive for perfection and we appreciate your trust.

Looking forward to future cooperation!

Our reliability – a guarantee for your safety!



2012 marked the 20th anniversary of Olympus. During this time a well structured production was created with management certified by ISO9001. The production of our company is our intellectual property and is different from what our colleagues offer.

Own design, tool workshop to create molds for casting, casting sheds, assembly and metal processing allow the production of seals with high quality and unique design.

Since 2012 the products produced by our company are united under a single brand –Lockin. Anything produced with brand Lockin is a proof that Olympus gives a guarantee of quality, inability to open without traces, and intellectual property of the design decisions.

Lockin – careful quality control, high anti-crime protection.

Lockin – IT and other modern technologies of sealing devices.


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